MyGreatLakes Higher Education Corporation & Affiliates is a non-profit group with its main office in Madison, Wisconsin. It has been helping people since 1967.



The Great Lakes is one of the companies in the country that gives out student loans. A student often has to give up on his future because he doesn’t have enough money. MyGreatLakes helps these kinds of students by giving them loan advice and making sure they pay off all of their loans on time. Millions of students have signed up for this site to make sure they don’t give up on their futures because they don’t have enough money. 

It’s been like magic for kids all over the US to use the MyGreatLakes web platform. 

MyGreatLakes Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the part below called “Frequently Asked Questions.” You might find an answer to your questions and clear up any confusion. 

What does MyGreatLakes mean? 

Students can use this website to make sure they pay back all of their loans on time. It helps students pay off all of their loans early, so they don’t have to pay those extra fees. 



Is it safe to use this web portal?

Yes. There is a lot of encryption on this site. This means that all kids can use this site without worrying about their safety.

I’m having trouble getting into the MyGreatLakes site. What must I do?

You can easily get in touch with this portal’s customer service if you have any problems while using it. 

Some people are telling me that this site is a scam and I shouldn’t use it. Is it real?

Not in the least. The MyGreatLakes online site has helped a lot of people make plans for the future. When students need money to pay for school, this site helps them make sure they don’t have to give up on their studies. That’s why you should never believe those kinds of stories.