Payment Methods

When MyGreatLakes lists its student loans, it does not use standard account numbers, but instead uses unique payment reference numbers. This is a 15-digit code that is written on your Great Lakes account bill. It is your payment reference number. 



If you have government student loans, the only way to get a really low interest rate is to consolidate them with a private company like SoFi or Earnest. It’s a good idea to lower fees, but don’t give the government student loans too much power.

One of the quickest ways to pay is to go to, which is the official MyGreatLakes website. A one-time payment or a recurring payment are both ways to pay. You will get a 0.25% discount on your interest rates if you set up regular payments. This is the main benefit.



If you want to pay off your loans as quickly as possible, I think this discount will help you. But what if your spending plan is based on your income? The benefit should not be greater than the risk.

If you choose automatic payment, you give MyGreatLakes permission to take money out of your account more than once, no matter how much your monthly payment is.

No matter what method of payment you choose, you can always send a check. The following are the two different places where government loan payments can be sent to MyGreatLakes: 

Loans directly. The following address is where payments should be sent for Ministry of Education loans that are handled by MyGreatLakes:

The Great Lakes,

Department of Education in the US,

The United States, Post Office Box 790321,

Missouri 63179-0321 St. Louis

This means that MyGreatLakes site is for you if you are a student who wants to do well but can’t because you don’t have enough money.